Friday, April 4, 2008

Crutch rage, again

I am again on crutches. I have again twisted my right knee. This time, it seems, I've torn (again) TWO -- not just one! -- ligaments. I am again in pain, and again looking forward to an MRI and then probably surgery and definitely lots of physical therapy and rehabilitation. It feels like I just finished my last PT rehab. I do not want to jump around in circles, or walk backwards, or climb a single stair endlessly, or do anything with an exercise ball, ever again. Yet here I am, again damaged.

And again, I find that I can redirect my despair at being painfully hobbled into a rage against the machine. The mechanical machine. The crutches. This time, I have much better upper-body muscle strength going into the crutch period. Be warned: if you cross my path while I am crutching, I will strike you down with righteous fury. With my metal crutches. Leaving you, twisted and broken, on the sidewalk. I will not feel bad about it, because you probably don't exercise and weren't using your knee ligaments. By my reckoning, that makes us even.

This post's theme mantra: "There is not now, nor has there ever been, a well in my cellar." From here. Many thanks to A., who probably prevented me from killing bystanders on my crutchful way home today.


Haz said...

How'd you tear it?

Lila said...

An awkward landing while doing gymnastics on a trampoline.

Haz said...

Yipes...*makes a point to avoid trampolines*