Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intellectual battle-axe: obsessions

A sampling of things my mind bounces between recurringly, insistently (alphabetized for your reading pleasure):

- Biting nails.
- Circuit vs. function-reduction methods of defining complexity classes; cool idea but increasingly encumbered.
- Do I have enough food for M?
- Hack the terminal on my desk to do Dvorak.
- Is M using an RSS reader?
- Is it difficult to learn Flash?
- It's hard to mop on crutches. And treacherous.
- Later this week, someone will cut into my skin with a knife and fiddle with my insides. Disturbingly.
- Meeting CL ppl for dinner; est. crutch travel time to rendez-vous: 10 min. No, 5 min. No, 15 min. No, 8 min.
- My hair is too hot; maybe I'll donate it again? Springtime shedding.
- Need to do laundry.
- Pata pata pata PON boom boom pata PON (trumpets!).
- Sickening anticipation of the removal of blood from my body later this week.
- Simulating biological systems; interactions; mathematics is powerful and glorious. Like an intellectual battle-axe.
- Stop biting nails!
- The problem of infinite recursion in psychological self-regulation.
- V^0, VPV, VC, \hat{VC}, \bar{VC}.
- Watch tan.
- Why blog? Why am I blogging? Paranoia/security versus psych. rewarding activity... alternatives?
- Why is the skin peeling off the back of my R knuckles?

This post's theme word: setiform, "bristle-shaped or having bristles."

1 comment:

masha51 said...

M is mobile and able to obtain food.
M is not using an rss reader, but is willing to learn if/why this would be worthwhile.
M possesses laundry skills.