Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Realization re: maturity

Shocking realization today: I am more mature than people older than me. Adults. Strange. I still don't think of myself as an adult, because my models of adulthood are my parents, and they are -- pretty much by definition -- ahead of me in personal development.

This post's theme word: はく, "to vomit." It came up in a podcast. I have been trying to think of a single scenario of my time in Japan, or even of imaginary textbook scenes, where it would be appropriate to say something like "はきたいの" -- "Because I want to vomit, that's why." (casual) Or maybe "たこお食べるとはきます。" -- "When I eat octopus, it makes me throw up." (formal and ineluctable cause-and-effect) I need to practice my Japanese more; I never know when I might need it!

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Lila said...

How about, "こちらえはいて下さい。" -- "Please vomit over here, sir." (polite/formal form)