Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Portrait of the artist as... (saggital)

my right knee, saggital viewMy intact ACL and PCL are both clearly visible in this image. The top and bottom anchors of my reconstructed ACL are visible -- that shiny thing in the middle of my tibia is a metal screw anchoring the top of my ACL. (If I can, I am going to obtain the X-ray they took of my knee in order to verify that it was metal.) The bottom is anchored by a plastic screw that doesn't glow in the magneto-image-magic of the MRI.

This picture is really cool: it is possible to view details of my bones, ligaments, musculature, blood vessels... Look at my kneecap!

This is by far my favorite photo of myself, ever.

This post's theme adverb: omnivorously. I challenge you to use it in casual conversation.

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