Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lila in the news

I was interviewed thrice this evening, while attending the Alien Abduction Festival 2008. Maybe it was a really slow news day? ... because the event was small, and about alien abductions. (And charity.) While constructing an elaborate UFO out of tin pie plates, pipe cleaners, miscellaneous craft materials, and lots of glitter glue, I had the unexpected pleasure of being interviewed by Wired, the Toronto Star, and Rabble TV (I'm not there yet, but I'll keep you updated).
The Wired picture doesn't do justice to my creation; there were stairs (on the left) for easy entry, and the inside was carpeted in green foam. Like a miniature galaxy-traversing golf course, with satellite dishes on top. And razor-sharp edges everywhere.

The glitter was still in my clothes when I discovered that I've also been recently printed in the Harvard Crimson.

The portrait painted of me by Googling my name is now much more eccentric...

This post's theme word: barkentine, "a sailing ship similar to a bark but square-rigged only on the foremast."

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Scooter said...

This is fantastical. I want to live on your spaceship for a while.