Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crowded crutching

Craving both an exercise and electronics fix, I set out today to crutch to the nearest major electronics outlet. It is 72 degrees (F) outside and sunny. My chosen path took me through Chinatown, which on a beautiful Sunday is rather crowded. This provided for some challenging crutching scenarios, since I was doubly disadvantaged: less mobile, and also less visible (so others couldn't see my crutches from afar and give me extra maneuvering room). Jostling sucks. Sunshine does not.

So, I got my exercise. And I basked in the electronics. We are not too far, I think, from the future of personal tricorders. Already there are mobile phone/camera/video/TV/computers. The PSP is also amazingly multifunctional. And sleekly beautiful. Two things that are missing from real-life multi-use digi-toys, but necessary to fulfill my sci-fi fantasies: a scanner (maybe some sort of infrared-view mode?) and a holographic projector.

This post's theme word: rigmarole. The way I learned to pronounce it has an extra syllable that is unwritten, but the dictionary approves.

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Lila said...

Update: tricorders are coming. Why didn't I forsee that cell phones -- in all their multipurpose glory -- would become tricorders?