Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recovery day 2

E. and I have oft mused together over our mother's dimension-warping abilities. In a three-dimensional room, she can pack 3.2 dimensions of fabric, for example. Fractally. Somehow. None of her children has yet figured out this ability. When confronted with a need for band-aids and antibiotic ointment, she was able -- Mary Poppins style -- to pull band-aids out of several long-lost, archival compartments of her suitcase. Then she supplemented them with more medical tidbits from the 3.3-dimensional (and cross-referenced, for easy location!) car.

My camera has entered terminal failure. Pictures of the unveiling pending.

This post's theme tea I plan to design: the "supplicating botanist."


Caset said...

glad to hear you're recovering...

my mom was never quite so amazing at pulling necessary things out of thin air. luckily spills and injuries always tended to happen when someone else's mom was around with the necessary tools. random knowledge, on the other hand, my mom was always able to provide in spades. trivial pursuit is her game and nature walks were the best cause she could (and still does) name everything we pass.

you'll be off crutches by morocco, right?

Lila said...

Yes, I will certainly be off crutches by then.