Monday, October 28, 2019

What is the best time of day for studying?

I take attendance by asking a question.

What is the best time of day for studying?

(I've asked this previously but apparently not posted about it.)

Sorted by time, we can almost patch together a round-the-clock vigil for the class:

  • definitely not afternoon
  • 12:00am
  • past midnight
  • 3:45am
  • night (4am)
  • early morning (7am)
  • 7:30am
  • 8am
  • morning
  • 10am
  • between lunch and dinner
  • sun time
  • 1pm
  • afternoon
  • 2
  • after dinner
  • evening
  • 8pm
  • honestly, 8pm-10pm
  • 10:00pm - 10:05pm
  • night
  • late night
The big gaps in our coverage are the midafternoon --- apparently everyone's busy then and no one's studying, even though that's when all the office hours are? --- and midmorning, which makes sense, because that's during our lecture. The studying is compulsory then, but it's more learning and less revising.

Additional nods of the head go to "3:00pm, Monday" (the exact time I asked the question) and "carrot" (absurdism always welcome). Slanted eyes of judgement to "never lol".

This post's theme word is orexigenic (adj), "stimulating the appetite." Late night studying can be orexigenic, resulting in lots of snacking.

Monday, October 7, 2019

What song was most recently stuck in your head?

I take attendance by asking students a question.

What song was most recently stuck in your head? (previously 2017)

Most of these were new to me. I'm not in touch with the music scene. Some of them might as well be purely invented by smooshing words together. My apologies for misspellings, I have tried to interpolate letters of the Roman alphabet from handwriting scratches.

  • Going Bad
  • False Confidence
  • Rome
  • Truth Hurts
  • Your Man - Josh Turner
  • Autumn Breeze - Jida
  • lose my mind
  • Singh is King
  • Feel Special - TWICE
  • Sight and Shadow (Hiroyuki Sarrano + Gemie)
  • Listen
  • Just like you
  • I Will
  • All My Exes Live in Texas
  • Good as Hell
  • Plastic Love
  • Beam - 88 rising
  • Run Away - Ben Platt
  • Listen.
  • Surf
  • Born in the USA
  • Z3
  • hotline bling
  • staying alive
  • crazy
  • love my way
Then there were some opt-outs:
  • *silence*
  • The 7th mode of the melodic minor scale
  • what does the fox say (re last lab)

This post's theme word is demit, "to give up an office or position; to dismiss; to resign." After several consecutive days of fox screeching, we demitted from the campsite and vowed never to return.

Friday, October 4, 2019

What is the unluckiest thing that ever happened to you?

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

What is the unluckiest thing that ever happened to you? (previously 2017)

Actual luck:

  • winning 1 cent
  • fantasy football
  • an acorn fell on my head
  • I think I'm kinda allergic to popsicle sticks :(
  • west nile fever
  • stub my toe
  • losing stuff
Referencing or at least very close to referencing their luckiest things from earlier in the week:
  • taking algo :( jk
  • going here
  • getting sick from Sharples dinner 5x now this semester
  • chicken nuggets deemed unhealthy
Some were just extremely unfortunate or saddening.
  • near brush with death
  • *sighs*
  • 6 month long concussion
  • *breaks into tears*
  • being
  • I don't want to think about it.
  • getting my heart broken
  • my hamster ran away when I was little
Kudos to "sleeping in on the day of my good life choices" --- very confusing. Does this mean that sleeping in was a good choice, or that sleeping in caused you to miss the opportunity to make good choices?

This post's theme word is blate (v intr), "to babble or cry" or (adj), "timid." The succession of so many unlucky events spurred an outburst of blating across campus.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you?

I take attendance by asking the students a question.

What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you? (previously 2017)


  • got into Swat
  • life!
  • opportunity to go to college
  • born in a first world country
  • winning Harry Potter Broadway tickets
  • I once found two packs of gummi worms in a vending machine
  • that I was born at all (the odds were against me)
  • my cat wandered onto our porch
  • won a raffle
Some people wanted to defer the question:
  • hasn't happened yet
  • opportunity met preparation
  • idk I'm grateful for most things that have happened to me
  • lots of things
  • don't believe in luck
  • TBD
  • can't think of just one
  • not sure
  • yes
  • not lucky
Begrudgingly I acknowledge that yet again someone claimed that taking this class was their luckiest life event. I can't be bribed! ... at least not so openly.

My favorite was definitely "Fell backwards off Willets bannister, landed on feet" --- whoo, what luck!

This post's theme word is hotsy-totsy (adj), "just right; perfect" or "haughty; pretentious." That is my preferred hotsy-totsy way of descending staircases.