Saturday, May 25, 2019

Spring semester 2019 quotes

The wide-open, glistening white expanses of floor-to-ceiling whiteboard in my office beckon; now there is a regular practice of students (majority: taller than Lila) writing quotes of things said in my office on the top of the whiteboard. This is high above the daily-usable part.

Here is the spring 2019 haul of quotes. Note that most of them were not said by me, even some attributed to other "L" initials. Not all quotes come with attributions. Many different people have initial "A". This is the semester's-end contents of the board, parentheticals and quotation marks included.

"We can't make her not win; though, if she were to have some medical emergency..."

M: "Extend the yellow."
L: "Die a fiery death."

A: "I'm not blaming you. Git is blaming you."

L: "I promise not to beat you with a rubber hose... I reserve the right to other implements."

"this is among the tubes" (in reference to the internet)

"You should hold your cards... better."

S: "I should probably stop procrastinating my real homework with fake homework I create for myself."

A: "My counting's not so great."
L: "You only got up to 2... !"

"I feel strong enough to handwave this." -M

[uncontrollable laughter]
A: "I didn't know Theory of Computation could be so fun."

A: "What a day to leave the stabbing knives at home."

K: "Start stabbing. We got to hurry this up, kiddo, I want dinner."

"[I'm] only as insane as a Turing machine can be"

D: "I don't understand why you have the mallet."
L: "Would you like me to demonstrate on your body?"

A: "I mean, I'm all for your insanity. BUT."

(indignantly) "I don't have an off-by-one error. I was RIGHT."

L: "I voluntarily did this in grad school for 7 years, so parts of me are broken and can't be repaired."

L: "Fuck the Axiom of Choice. There's nothing I can do about it now."

[image of a sheep] BAAA is a string in the regular language Σ*