Thursday, October 12, 2017

What is the unluckiest thing that ever happened to you?

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

What is the unluckiest thing that ever happened to you?

Some people referenced the luckiest thing that ever happened or other earlier attendance questions:
  • bird
  • also existing
  • not existing?
  • I live next to [student X] -- student Y
  • I live next to [student Y] -- student X
  • bird?
Should I be worried about the recurring "bird"s?

Others had medical mishaps:
  • chipped my front teeth when i fell down laughing 
  • a week after getting surgery in preeschool, a kid kicked me in the stomach & I had to have the same surgery again
  • deviated septum during a soccer game
  • appendicitis is the only time my parents ever visited campus
Some cited student-specific concerns:
  • fire alarm night before test
  • having all midterms on same day
  • exponential runtime
  • snapped my oneCard 2 times in 2 days
And then a smorgasbord of miscellaneous bad luck?

  • missed 2 straight connecting  flights
  • :)
  • I got left by my parents in Paris in a train station
  • dropping my laptop
  • dropping my laptop 3 times
  • Hurricane Harvey hit my city on my birthday :(
  • I fell over 5 times in 30 minutes wearing the best boots I've ever worn
  • i once had to wait at a red light

The award for "Sounds Most Like a Cautionary Tale" goes to "brother pushed me in a well".  The "Technically Unlikely but maybe not UnLUCKy" prize goes to "lost twenty coinflips in a row." The tip-of-the-hat for luck-n-privilege awareness goes to "i once had to wait at a red light."

This post is dedicated to students who are perusing the archive in search of something to brighten a day that feels unlucky.

This post's theme word is contretemps (n), "an unforseen and unfortunate occurrence; a disagreement or dispute." Wednesday's child is full of woe; Grumbleday's child is caught in contretemps.

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