Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pre-Grace Hopper

Travel from Toronto to Denver was incident-free. Apparently Epizeuxis is very suspicious; he got swabbed both times I went through security. In Toronto, this also warranted me a full unpack-repack of my luggage. Having determined that my backpack -- contents wallet (1), keys (1 set), my herd of electronic devices (6) and their chargers (5) -- was not a threat, the friendly security guard hypothesized, "You are a student?" A funny conversation ensued wherein I admitted to being a student, and he, having seen my passport, asked me why I was at Toronto: "It's better than Harvard, right?" (As if Harvard is the only school in the US.)
The airport had a really nice used bookstore; also on my layover, I learned that Milwaukee is in Wisconsin. (Who knew?) Just past their security check, the entire hallway is labelled, "Recombobulation Area." For putting on shoes. I would've taken a picture, but I'm pretty sure that would have been too suspicious.

I'm in a one-person hotel room, which is unexpectedly lonely. My day of volunteering was quick -- we worked so fast that it was a half-day, and I ended up helping tomorrow as well.

This post has several theme band names, culled from my first hour of GHC:
"Accidental Complexity"
"Parallel Program Properly"
.. and a third one that I forgot.

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Gail said...

I was supposed to say hi for my friend Christian (also at U of T) according to his comment here. Not sure if we ever crossed paths, but I guess we were both Hoppers! Maybe you'll recognize some of the other girls I traveled (and volunteered) with in the photo on the linked page?