Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy Lady

Our crazy neighbor is at it again. I keep waking up in the middle of the night to loud, loud music. Recently (last night? the night before? memories are hazy) I awoke to particularly loud music. As I lay in bed, trying to remember where I put my earplugs so that I wouldn't have to turn on a light, the downstairs neighbors (or maybe her downstairs neighbors) banged on the ceiling/wall and shouted 'BE QUIET!' She screamed back something unintelligible. And continued playing her music.

This is typical.

I know that aggression is an unworkable tactic. (Evidence: the above-recounted event; also, I personally witnessed her life meltdown, recounted in screaming at a soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, from 4am-6am one night, loud enough that earplugs made no difference.) Passive-aggressive tactics also seem bad; besides, what can we do that would affect only her, and not our other long-suffering neighbors? A. and I are thinking of maybe mounting some speakers pointed into the wall we share with Crazy Lady's apartment. Or maybe not... I feel really sorry for her, since I have been witness (albeit against my will) to her intense personal suffering.

Recent musical selections: "Jolene" (on an endless loop), "Sexyback," and unidentifiable loud-bass-beat hip-hop/pop/whatever.

My earplugs have a new permanent resting place reachable from bed, in the dark, with sleep-addled clumsiness.

This post's theme word: quidnunc, "a nosy or gossipy person."

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