Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keyboard recommendations?

My keyboard is limping to its death after a recent encounter with a cup [read: lake] of tea. I'm looking to buy a new keyboard which is:
  1. suitable for small hands,
  2. ergonomic (slightly tilted/curved, different hands' keys separated),
  3. has a number pad, F keys, arrows and insert/delete/home/end/page up/page down, and
  4. has a satisfying action (not too mushy; an audible click on key depression is ok).
I went yesterday to Best Buy and Future Shop, and wasn't too impressed with the small selections of keyboards there. However, I'm hesitant to buy a keyboard online, since I can't test it out.

Any suggestions? Do you love your keyboard?

This post's theme word: bosset, "a small protuberance or knob."


Haz said...

I have a kinesis at the Pratt office. I got it mostly for wrist issues, but it may suit your needs.

Let me know if you want to take it for a whirl.

Ernie said...

I got a Happy Hacking Lite keyboard in freshman year after my last one bit the dust. I've loved it ever since and use it regularly at my desk. I would note that it doesn't have any special split-key ergonomics, but the keys have good action and they are all located close together. I should have let you use mine last weekend.