Friday, October 3, 2008

Keystone, Colorado

Keystone, Colorado, is beautiful.The loquacious desk clerk/multipurpose hotel staffer at the front desk engaged me in several hours of chit-chat upon check-in (and when I went to ask where a restaurant was, and when I picked up a bus schedule, and when I was making tea, and ..., and at check-out). He completely talked me in to returning to Colorado to ski. They are starting to make snow next week -- that is, the second week of October. How fantastic is that?

Here I am, having escaped his society to attend the conference:This picture makes me look like a wrestler. Big shoulders, small legs. I don't like it. But I did like the scenery, and this is proof that I was there (and had a totally legitimizing nametag, too!).
Due to the altitude, quite a few people had altitude sickness for the duration of the conference. I'm still not clear on what causes it, but its symptoms are headaches, tiredness, and easily being winded (that one makes sense, oxygen is less available up here). It can be combated by drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. We were reminded to drink water at the beginning of each session, and also at meals, in hallways, and while chatting between events. There was water (and free logo-emblazoned water bottles) everywhere.

This post's theme word: monadock, "An isolated hill or mountain that, having resisted erosion, rises above a plain."

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