Thursday, July 3, 2008

Third of July

Today is "Dependence Day," and I'm wearing the t-shirt to witness it.

The nice weather makes me consider all the things I'm not doing as a graduate student: I could be a life guard, hiking guide, wilderness EMT, courier, tech support on a cruise ship. Even unemployed and allowed outside my windowless office. Sometimes what I do just seems so dry. R. suggested that I "moisturize" my thesis, but I don't know how...

Many of the CS blogs I read just nodded to kdphd, a female grad student in theory, who just started a blog. It makes me envious -- why is she noted by these CS gods, and not me? -- but then again, I'm writing a much more personal blog. I'm purposefully keeping it non-technical, because otherwise everything in my daily life here would be about academia, and I might shrivel and die. Also, I don't feel like I have anything meaningful to add to the discussion; I don't have enough experience in academia to reflect upon it, or enough confidence to talk about what experience I do have.

This post has a theme garment.

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