Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Numb scars

Although the hair has grown back all around my new (2-month-old) and old (1-year-old) scars, the nerves haven't healed completely. I can sense things, but not the same way as I used to, and not the same way as on the skin of my undamaged leg. So I was surprised to find two mosquito bites just below my largest scar (one of the 1-year-old batch). Apparently I can't feel itchy near this scar. This is strange, especially considering my usually all-too-sensitive dermographic skin. (I am much too sensitive to do to myself what this dermographic artist does.)

Blasted insects. I wish I could make my blood poisonous to them, somehow (and yet safe for me).

This post's theme song: "What a game" from Ragtime.

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Andrea said...

apparently if you take garlic pills it repels bloodsuckers. horses are dosed with them to discourage flies. and vampires.