Monday, July 14, 2008

Busting out

This weekend I saw "The Incredible Hulk," which was good insofar as it involved Edward Norton and bad insofar as it involved a lot of a green CG character who was not Edward Norton. It certainly witnessed this truth:
There was one scene in particular where he transforms, and scraps of his torn shirt (he goes through so much clothing!) hang off his torso as he moves. I thought, "Wow! They're getting so good at animating cloth!" ... and so bad at plotlines.

Much to my delight, many of the campus scenes were shot at U of T, on the lawn and in the alley just outside my building! If my office had a window, it would be visible in this movie. I spent most of the action scenes trying to spot familiar locations and tell when they'd digitally extended buildings, adding stories and towers and duplicate stairs. And watching the animation of muscles contracting under skin.

After weeks and weeks of daily use, a chunk tore out of my exercise band. That is how serious I am about my PT and recovery. I wore through an exercise band. Thanks to UHS, though, I have several more.

This post's theme word: wavel, "to stagger."

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