Sunday, July 6, 2008

Celebrity crush sampling

These are, of course, crushes from afar. Probably in real life, these actors do not manifest any characteristics I find attractive. I invite you to add your own celebrity crushes in the comments.

Ever since I saw Fight Club, I've liked Edward Norton. He's so thin, and pale, and helpless. So trapped in his own mind. And Fight Club was fantastic. So was The Painted Veil, which starred him in a completely different but still fantastic role. Despite its bad reviews, I intend to see The Incredible Hulk sometime. He turns green.

Then there's always the Doctor, David Tennant. Also very thin and pale, but smarter than everyone else, confident, and in control of every situation. Good sense of humor, excellent at flirting. Plus, whether on-screen or off-, he has a lovely accent.

I had initially disliked John Barrowman in his role as Captain Jack Harkness (also on Doctor Who), simply because he flirted with everyone and was such an obvious crush. But then I watched Torchwood, which was just as formulaic and delightful as Doctor Who, but darker. Also, I recently discovered that he's also a singer. There are lots of youtube videos of his serious Broadway performances, against which this totally silly rendition of "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" plays delightfully. Sadly for me, he's almost twice my age. And gay.

I dedicate this post to the bakers at my favorite nearby bakery, who always ride the fine line between friendly service and flirtation. Today I went in twenty minutes before closing, and they gave me my loaf of bread for free. (Apparently, when they close, they have to throw out any leftovers.)

This post's theme word is: fanacle, "a small temple or shrine." Not a term for a manacle worn by a fan. Sigh. Anyone for a game of dictionary?

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