Sunday, March 16, 2008

RSS feeds

My OCD has recently been ratcheting up in intensity, resulting in a cleaner-than-usual room, kitchen, and inbox. But how to deal with the ever-lengthening list of news sources, web comics, and blogs that I must check daily? Lucky for me, other nerds got here before me and developed RSS feeds. Now all of my daily web content is automatically plucked from the internet and aggregated in one place, much more quickly and efficiently than even my most frequent checking could accomplish.

Thank you, Google reader. Of course, thanks to Google (blogspot), this blog can be subject to the same process, if anyone out there is reading it at all.

This post's theme word: tatterdemalion, "tattered; worn to shreds; bedraggled; in deplorable condition." A good descriptor of how my own mind and its needs make me feel sometimes.

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Haz said...

Google Reader is how I 'we been following this ;)

Welcome to the aggregated side of the net.