Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ice: my foe

I don't understand it. The past two days have been above freezing, so the snow melts and spreads out as a thin layer of water, freezing at night. In the morning, the sidewalk is covered with an even, smooth layer of ice, and I mincingly make my way at less than half of normal speed. Yet I am passed by people walking normally, and they aren't slipping everywhere (as I am). How is that possible? Do the mechanics of my particular walk rely on a lot of twisting or change-of-direction, so that my momentum is causing me to slide? Are my snow boots less grippy than heels? I am humiliated.

I wish the weather would get back to nice, deep snowdrifts. Or just melt and drain all the ice away.

This post's theme song: "Don't Dance" from the eponymous Ye Olde English video.


Haz said...

Just wait til tomorrow :p.

Lila said...

Yes! Glorious, fluffy, traction-lending snow. Everywhere. I am thrilled. May it be winter for many months more.