Sunday, March 2, 2008


Caffeine wreaks havoc on my system. But it helps me to solve math problems. C. recounted to me that an ex-smoking professor said he never worked as well as when he had nicotine in his system. Alas! That our poisons also make us function locally better.

This post's theme song (to which I have been continuously listening for the past hour): "United State of Pop" by DJ Earworm. You can listen to it at his site. It deliciously combines all the stick-in-your-head songs into one single, addictive, five-minute-long track.


Haz said...

merr == spam??

DJ Earworm do the mashup legally? (there is some length of sample one is permitted to use legally)

Nice mashup though...well pieced together...

Lila said...

Yeah, I keep getting spam comments.

I do not know about the legality of the mashup, but DJ Earworm has many of them on his site and does not seem to have suffered.