Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What is your favorite pattern?

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

What is your favorite pattern?

Visual patterns:
  • checkered
  • paisley
  • checkered
  • geometric
  • stripes
  • plaid
Math patterns:
  • a hexagonal lattice
  • fractals but only when graphed on the TI-84
  • Fibonacci #s
  • fibonaci [sic] sequence 
  • Mandelbrot set
  • compound interest
  • Minkowsky
  • Pascal's Triangle
  • the one that looks like this [scribbled-out drawing] NVM I messed it up but it's like a fractal with a lot of circles
  • set of interesting numbers
Social patterns seemed to be mostly self-referential descriptors:
  • women self-selecting out of CS (not)
  • sleep, eat, soccer (repeat)
  • sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat (repeat)
The uncategorizable "randomness" gets a mention, since: is that a pattern? Ditto to "object-oriented" and the student who wrote simply "hate patterns", as if adding a subject to the verb would take too much effort. You hate so much that it suppresses your verbal skills. Apparently.

A tip of my hat to the person clever enough to say "baldness".

I looked up the symbols to transcribe this as faithfully to the handwritten original as possible: "DΔ7E7AΔ7FΔ7".

The Award for Narrative Convenience and Irksomeness goes to the person whose favorite pattern is "deus ex machina".

The Recurringly Attempting to Get Into the Professor's Good Graces Plaque goes to the student whose favorite pattern is "one of good attendance".

This post is dedicated to the student who diligently checked this blog --- although often through a VPN, so that I wouldn't know who was reading --- and then came to my office throughout the semester to ask me why I wasn't updating it.

This post's theme word is antimetabole, "a literary and rhetorical device in which a phrase or sentence is repeated, but in reverse order." The linguistic patterns woven into the antimetabole dazzled and amazed.

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