Friday, October 6, 2017

If you had to organize a parade, the theme would be:

I take attendance by having students answer a question.

If you had to organize a parade, the theme would be:

  • trans pride
  • colors
  • running
  • birds
  • women in STEM!
  • [name of another student in the class]
  • birds
  • gumby
  • Poros
  • elephants
  • Gudetama
  • all of the above
Some people chose things which already have parades:
  • Thanksgiving 
  • pride
  • parade-themed
  • sports
  • parades
  • mummers
And a lot of students were thinking about food:
  • buttered toast
  • coffee
  • tacos
  • szezhuan [sic] sauce
  • instant noodles
  • gummy animals
  • cookies
  • seafood
  • cuisine
  • sushi
  • elephants
  • sandwiches
  • food

I'd like to see an "existentialism"-themed parade, but... maybe it would take place at night? I don't know enough about existentialism to interpret it through the weird cultural lens of "theme of a parade", but this sounds like the setup to a joke over at Existential Comics.

This post dedicated to the future students who make a useless-blog-themed parade.

This post's theme word is mise en abyme (n), "self-reflection in a literary work, work of art, etc." e.g. a play within a play, a dream within a dream... The hyperlinks on the mise-en-abyme post were infuriatingly both nested and circular.

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