Thursday, September 21, 2017

What is your personal motto?

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

What is your personal motto?

This year had a different tone than last year.

The positive:
  • be happy
  • don't give up
  • You can do it.
The cultural references:
  • Hakuna matata
  • deus vult
  • That's my secret, I'm always dancing.
  • age quod agis
  • just keep swimming
  • You do you.
Those aiming for moderation:
  • no worries
  • it's gonna be okay
  • whatevs
  • Everything is okay.
  • #flawless
  • Learn. Think. Create. 
  • while (alive) { live() }
The climbing-based mottos for climbers who climb enough to justify a climbing-based personal motto, which to my astonishment is a set containing more than one student:
  • More chalk
  • Always heel hook
The unfortunate: "sleep deprived since 2014!"

The decidedly pessimistic note goes to "Never address your problems," and the could-go-either-way pin goes to "Don't care unless it helps you."

The Non-Sequit-Award is tied between "look at dogs a bunch" and simply "bird". (Is "bird" a verb now? What are these youths doing with language nowadays? *shakes fist at sky, mumbles to self*)

This post's theme word is bovarism (n), "a romanticized, unrealistic view of oneself." My motto: be the bovarism I think I am already!

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