Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Quoth the raven

I take attendance by having the students answer a question.

Quoth the raven, "________________". (See previously.)

Traditionalists were numerous (four!), some with a modern take:

  • nevermore (x 4)
  • forevermore (I know this b/c the Simpsons)
  • evermore
  • never (Swarth)more
  • To Whatever End
Alternate animal noises:
  • tweet
  • moo
  • woof
  • quack?
  • "caw"
  • skrrrrt
  • caawwww
Some students apparently thought the raven was trying to politely decline something, or greeting someone, or continuing an ongoing conversation:
  • hello
  • sup
  • suhhhh
  • hi
  • no
  • eat my shorts
  • I'd rather not
  • party like it's 1999
  • I'm ravin' mad

I have no idea how a raven would pronounce ":(", but I'd like to see it attempted. Similarly, "burp" could be an interesting spectator event.

The "Modernity Makes Me Feel Old" Medallion goes to "that's so raven", for taking my highfalutin' literary reference and turning it into a pop-culture reference accessible exclusively to tween-targeting advertising conglomerates.

The Non-Sequitur Plaque goes to the student who wrote, "*drops cheese". Runner-up is "swallowing in sadness", about which I can only say: [sic].

This post's theme word is otic (adj), "relating to the ear." In a moment of otic confusion, I hallucinated a chortling, cheese-dispensing raven.

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