Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ithaca is gorgeous

By well-known folk wisdom, the gorges are gorgeous:
Seriously scenic hiking.
 We came in search of a geocache, which we needed rock-climbing rope and headlamps to find. Advanced level only.
View across and down the gorge towards the lake.
 We did actually end up climbing down/across/into a gorge and walking along the bottom for a little bit.
The view upstream, bridge in sight.

Gorges aside, Ithaca is full of lovely sights.
Nice fluffy trees and brightly-painted angular metal sculptures.
Sweeping expanses of greenery sloping down towards the lake.
Lots and lots of trees precariously growing on ledges.
I enjoy the special features of Ithaca; things I've only noticed now that I have experienced their absence in the rest of the world. For example, this sign:
"No skiing, sledding, or sliding"
The variegated trees lining the highways as I drove were also very nice.

This post's theme word is campanile (n), "a bell tower, especially one detached from a main building such as a church." Sledding is expressly forbidden on the slopes below the campanile, but students frequently use food trays to careen down the snowy expanse anyway.

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