Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rehearsal dinner

Impressions of the rehearsal dinner from the J. & N. wedding: the food was delicious, and all home cooked, which is both impressive and delicious. Everyone was dressed beautifully, though I didn't take the pictures that M. implored me to take -- there was a full staff of photographers and video-recorders deployed throughout the crowd, capturing every moment for all digital eternity. Cousins performed dances. Sisters performed a violin/piano arrangement of the WoW theme. In accordance with tradition, cousins stole the groom's shoes from off his feet and ransomed them back to him (repeatedly). I don't know how they made the desserts so sweet.

Highlight: a crowd of people in saaris (sp?) dancing in a circle to loud LOUD pop-dance-hiphop music.

This post's theme quote comes from MM.: "Tomorrow's ceremony will be much more... Anglican."


Andrea said...

is the rehearsal dinner a big thing? I've never been to one and I've heard varying ideas from, it's literally a run down of who goes after who and then a relaxed dinner to a pre-wedding with toasts and stuff.

Lila is a complex system. said...

I think that it depends on the wedding. The rehearsal dinner that I went to was relaxed and didn't actually involve any rehearsing for the ceremony. By contrast, I heard that the rehearsal dinner for the wedding I went to LAST weekend was basically a full-length walkthrough of the wedding ceremony, and involved the priest.