Monday, July 13, 2009

Own an integer!

What's your favorite number? Statistically, it's very likely that there is someone else out there with the very same favorite number, despite the fact that there are infinitely many numbers and finitely many people to claim them. So what to do, what to do? Get in a fight with the other million people who like 7, or pi, or the golden ratio? No! Why not just own a 128-bit integer of your very own?

It may not make sense, but thanks to some recent lawsuits, it's now (sort of) possible to own an integer (if you buy into that sort of thing). Everybody had better stay away from my integer,
27 1D 04 35 51 27 3D 19 28 85 FC 1B 7D 53 F1 3E
If I catch you using it, I'll probably have to sue. ... because I take all my cues from the litigious movie industry! (Hat tip: the HCS mailing list.)

This post's theme word: mathematicaster, "a minor or incompetent mathematician."

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