Friday, July 3, 2009

Brontosauri are also big

A few hundred meters from where the fireworks were launched, there's a big brontosaurus statue (sculpture? toy?) in the park. Its flesh is squishy, like a stress ball. (R. snuck across the surrounding fence to poke it.) The seams between the rubber are leaking from weather, and so that it looks like it's been stabbed.It's sad -- it came all this way through time and space, just to pose for us. And this is the treatment it gets. But it keeps its noble head high. I wonder if the fireworks managed to stir its meditations. (I wonder if pictures of fireworks behind a brontosaurus -- an awesome anachronism -- would have come out. I should have tried to take some.)

This post's theme word: keloid, "scar tissue."

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