Friday, July 3, 2009


After spending Sunday walking around Toronto and feeding various mosquito populations in the idyllic weather, R. and I watched the fireworks at the [sponsor company's] Festival of Fire. We also found a suitable boathouse for R., and many, many bodies of standing water just waiting for a malaria vector to breed therein.

These will be the only fireworks I see in Canada this year, since the usual Canada Day (July 1) fireworks were canceled. (The municipal workers required are members of the same union as the garbage collectors, who are currently on strike.)

We both took this opportunity to play with the "fireworks" setting on our cameras. I also set my camera to continuously shoot, so now I have a lot of mediocre pictures of fireworks and a few good ones. A few of the ones I like shall be posted here shortly.
From a perspective of no human history, it is very strange that we shoot explosives into the air and watch them burn above us as a means of celebration.

This post's theme word: doolally, "irrational, deranged, insane."

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