Monday, July 13, 2015

The texture of water

Sometimes a visual experience will tingle my brain so pleasantly that I pause to take a photo. Possibly to remember the experience, or capture an echo of it, or try to recreate it in some small way at a remove of time, location, and all other sensory information.

Here is some lovely surface-of-water texture from a canal in Osaka:
The opacity of the water (sediment?) made the entire thing look like a smooth piece of jade, darkening in the shadow under a foot bridge.

In the open sunlight, and with some natural elements visible, here is a segment of the pond around this temple in Kyoto.
Turtles furtively bobbed their heads above the surface, in the reeds, hiding from tourists but delighting the children patient or bored enough to be looking in the right place for just a fraction of a second.

This post's theme word is jargoon, "a colorless, pale yellow, or smoky variety of zircon." The runoff inlet resembled jargoon in monsoon season.

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