Monday, July 13, 2015

The stereotypical alley

This is essentially a piece of the world which has been fully realized to the specs of a William Gibson novel.
It is simply the most stereotypical Japanese late-night mostly-pedestrian food-, electronics-, and entertainment-alley that could instantiate the vertical neon writing necessary for the mood. And (apparently) for the general illumination of the area.

Photo taken minutes after sundown, but auto-light-adjustment lightened it to seem like a pervasively blue/purple sky. Human eyes saw it as entirely dark, with neon ground accents in the human areas. (At least, that is what humans reported to me.)

The neon light was a visually interesting texture, especially since so many surfaces were flat planes or reflective water. The city is so clean well-maintained that it looks almost rendered. If it were not for the oppressive heat/humidity combination, it would be quite lovely.

This post's theme word is perse, "of a greyish blue or purple color." The sky spread above the cityscape, a thick perse palette scraped across the firmament.

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