Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stone-carving calligraphy

The stone monuments are decorated with beautifully-carved writing. Mostly they hew to the "traditional" style of character (rock pun!), the complicated-but-fixed one that I memorized off so many flashcards.

But sometimes they get to swoop into a different artistic style, with visible brushstrokes (carved) and some expressivity in the characters.
Probably if I could read these, I could come up with a context-driven explanation for why these characters are swoopy and scribbly. Or figure out what the characters are.
As it is, I just really enjoy the beauty of the monuments, and the crossed-media effort required to carve stone to look like brushed ink on paper.

This post's theme word is malapert, "boldly disrespectful." Obnoxiously malapert visitors are not welcome on the temple grounds.

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