Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things on a single post-it on my desktop

"I mean that in the Roman sense of 300, which means a bajillion." -- A.
bike jousting
pysdens / pysdxes

This post's theme word: epergne, "a serving dish of numerous separate bowls attached to one main stem." I've been trying to work that into a blog post for awhile, and hadn't managed. Bonus points if you can rhyme it in a poem.

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Deaken Wylie said...


I found this page a week or so ago, while searching for pysdxes. Today I was able to solve a crossword puzzle a wee bit faster than I otherwise would have, because I remembered your post.

By way of thanks, I offer you a horribly uncaffeinated attempt at poetry.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer by way of apology for that "poem".