Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another one bites the dust

On Friday, we helped A. move in to college. His dorm is clean and new and designed for socializing nicely (but not for study; we'll see how that plays out). It was delightful. It reminded me how great Freshman week was -- I remember one of my upperclass peer advisors saying, "this is the most fun you'll have until Senior week," and that proved to be fairly accurate. (There were a few exceptions, but overall, my four years were spent busily learning, working, and living; those two bookend weeks' demands were social only.)

One day, A. and I will found a group to legalize recreational whale torture (citation: 30 Rock). It's pretty much the most difficult cause to get anyone to sign off on (save for causes involving cannibalism, babies as projectiles, etc.). In that spirit, I encourage him to take marine biology, philosophy, and pre-law classes. For his gym requirement, maybe boxing? Bow & arrow or rifle-shooting?

This post is dedicated to that age-old battle: Capulets VS. Romulans (ibid).

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