Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Extreme... to the extreme!

Yesterday was again hothothot and humid. The afternoon featured intermittent outbursts of water pouring from the sky, with no discernible individual drops. While I was waiting at a crosswalk, it started to rain visibly on the other side of the intersection; the wall of precipitation visibly advancing across the street. It reminded me of the slightly broken rain in The Truman Show.

Last night I was awoken by the brightness of the lightning during the storm. Not the thunder. It was like a strobe every few minutes. I had to close the curtains to get back to sleep.

Today I pulled an Aeon Flux and trapped a fly in my eyelashes. Killer reflexes.

I received a copy of the "operative note" from my surgery. Highlights: "We started with the anterolateral portal, vizualized the patellofemoral joint. This was pristine." and "We irrigated copiously." The idea of "copiously irrigating" the interior of my knee is amusing. And, with retrospective wisdom, painful.

This post's theme word: quisquillian, "worthless or trifling."

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