Monday, June 30, 2008


We went carpet-shopping. Rather, R. went carpet-shopping. C. and I tagged along for dramatic effect during the bargaining phase. We walked out twice. C. pretended to be a native, then later recanted and admitted his American-ness.
R. exceeded his predetermined upper bargaining limit (not to mention his income). We spoke amongst ourselves in English, using words different from our tone so that the salesperson would think we were disparaging the carpets when we were praising them.

This post's theme word: operose, "made with, involving, or evidencing much effort or industry; laborious; tedious." Our expedition was operatic, as well... maybe the next project in the spirit of LBCotF will be an opera about R.'s several exotic carpets. Or perhaps all his condo furnishings.


Andrea said...

"I can't fing believe how utterly GORGEOUS this carpet is. I mean, look at this! look at this fine detail! what are they thinking??? this is obviously fine quality work. I am so IMPRESSED."

man im sad i missed this.

RDorin said...

actually, the sequel to LBCotF will be entitled: "Rowan, Rug-Child of Rabat"