Saturday, May 31, 2008

Laundry fun

A five-person band (banjo, ukulele, Fisher-Price xylophone, tambourine and drum) walked into the laundromat while I was watching my clothing rotate. They walked around, looking for a perfect corner, gave some very loose instructions to a girl following them with a hand-held camera, and then played (and sang!) a song as they walked around the laundromat, outside, and down the street.

I wish I had had a camera with me. I usually have at least one (cell phone), normally two (digital camera), and sometimes three (Epizeuxis). But I had only Syllepsis, and no camera. So I bemusedly watched, making eye contact with my fellow launderers to verify that everyone else could see (and hear) the band, too. Surreal.

This post's theme word is soma, which has many meanings. Two good ones are "elixir of immortality," and "the entire body of an organism except germ cells." Its most popular meaning seems to be "an intoxicating drug, often fermented into a beverage."

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