Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What animal goes on your family crest?

I take attendance by having the students answer a question. I try to pique their interest, spark their imagination, and give them a chance to make a silly joke. I try. Student responses, as you have seen, vary.

What animal goes on your family crest?

Actual animals, ranging from more standard crest-fare to less:

  • wolf
  • lion
  • dragon
  • my dog
  • a husky (no, not ripping off the Starks. We have a husky)
  • shiba 💙
  • my pet parakeet Snowwhite
  • llama
  • a camel
  • a very small cat
  • a mole
  • penguin
  • blind molerat
  • the worst one
  • dodo bird
  • the best one

Not animals, but apparently crest-worthy:

  • pillows
  • plants

Opting out:

  • I don't have a family crest
  • what is a family crest?

I appreciate the extra detail in the description "a fox between theater masks," although additional style points would be awarded for use of crest descriptors like "rampant", "X on a field of Y", or "X quartered with Y".

This week's winner is pink fairy armadillo. I'd join in a parade with such a crest.

This post's theme word is brummagem (adj), "cheap and showy," or (n), "something that is counterfeit or of inferior quality." My homebrew crest was a visually-incomprehensible brummagem of assorted flourishes, animals, figures, geometric shapes, and other crests.

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