Friday, November 18, 2016

Humanity i love you because

I take attendance by having students answer a question. This week (and most of last) the questions have been expressions of dark emotions; this week in particular has been expressed as poetry references. The final highfalutin' poetry reference was today:
Humanity i love you because

... which on the surface seems sort of positive and upbeat (unlike the earlier ones).

Many students took it in a positive direction:
  • there is so much potential
  • sometimes good things happen?
  • you're so funny and adorable
  • Pokemon comes out today 😍
  • I was loved first
  • just cuz
  • they gave me phones
  • we are all part of it
  • everyone who I like is one of you
  • we are kind
  • most people are nice-ish
... while others were, seemingly unintentionally, much truer to e. e. cummings' original tone:
  • of the Anthropic Principle
  • wait, no, i take that back
  • all of Earth is Stockholm, and I have a syndrome.
  • i have no choice.
Today's prizes go to the students who pushed back on the poetry theme, including "nope don't know this one", "don't get it", "what???", "poetry is not my forte", and the pretty amusing answers:
  • Let me count the ways no that's not it
... which is pretty funny, and equalled for entertainment value by:
  • tl;dr this week: 2 pretentious 5 me
... which is not a typo, that is actually written on the attendance sheet. Note that the author was not brave enough to attach a name, so it was just written down the margin. Still pretty funny, esp. the usage of '5'.

Gold stars to the Shakespeare reference, though. Gold stars!

This post's theme word is macher (n), "a person of influence, one who gets things done" or "a self-important overbearing person." Our professor began the semester as a good macher, and gradually transformed into an unbearable macher by the end.

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Quellan said...

Will there be a post in which we see answers that Lila herself may have given?