Thursday, February 11, 2016

Unfit bits

Fitness. The quantified self. Local eating, clean eating, health trends. We take a certain mental attitude to these topics, and it is almost always earnest and serious. Health is serious!

I like the idea of a fitbit, some tiny device which will quantify my daily physical effort. I like collecting and fiddling with such data. (Earlier this month I reached my 30,000th squat since January 2013.) But my brain is much more interested in picking at the weaknesses of such systems, and so the unfitbit appeals much more.

Unfit Bits from Surya Mattu on Vimeo.

Health and fitness may be serious, but sneakiness? always more fun.

This post's theme word is thewless, "cowardly; lacking energy." The unfitbit system is perfect for the quantified thewless self.

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