Monday, February 29, 2016

February retrobloggin'

What a cool day. I'm probably out enjoying my extra day by leaping from stair to stair, bridge to bridge, tower to tower. Possibly singing at the same time.

I'm chugging along, with Beeminder on my tail. This month I reduced the number of outstanding draft posts substantially, from 382 to... whatever 382 minus the bullets below is. Hopefully I didn't lose too much ground to new draft posts this month.
Most of the retroblogging seems to be processing and sorting photos that I intended to blog, but got caught somewhere in my camera, on a memory card, or on a folder on my desktop. (Helpfully, the folder is called "sort these".) So here, enjoy these captured photons of my past.

This post's theme word is rhadamanthine, "inflexibly just or severe." The Beeminder penalties for defaulting on personal goals become increasingly rhadamanthine.

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