Sunday, January 31, 2016

January retroblog roundup

I am getting better at posting content, although of course the date-stamps and quality of the content remain quite variable. Bah! humbug. This activity is for me anyway; I'm not making any ad revenue, I'm not getting any writing contracts, I'm just participating in the social media-o-drome (alternately: blagoweb) by sharing some content. I am the worldwide expert at me, so this is your best site for on-the-ground reportage from my real life.

Welcome, internet.

This month, we relived these exciting moments of the past:
And also we revisited this media, consumed and now mulled over for some time:

I also declared personal book-blogging bankruptcy, and so I'm now only trying to blog things I've read since 2016 began, but right when I finish them (plus sometimes a day or so to think about it). I'm using Beeminder to help with this. We'll see how it goes.

This post's theme word has been sitting in my theme-words queue for awhile: gamp, "a large umbrella." There goes that tramp with a gamp!

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