Sunday, August 16, 2015

Portland picturesque sunset

The Portland sunset was spectacular today, and I had a front-row seat on the waterfront.
There goes our favorite mass of incandescent gas miasma of incandescent plasma, vanishing over the edge of this oblate spheroid of note.
The nearby swarm of boats offered an interesting texture of surfaces to reflect the colored streams of light.
All of human settlement in Portland, Maine is simply a dark, low smudge obscuring the beautiful sunset.
Look at that incredible spectrum of colors, bouncing off and diffusing through the clouds.
The sky looks somehow soft and comfortable.
The pink is amazing. Pollution? Chemistry? Physics? Impossible to know.

This post's theme word is ylem, "the primordial matter of the universe." We sit on the patio, watch the sun set, and commune with ylem.

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