Saturday, August 1, 2015


I've been in Germany all week, living the exciting research life. The weather has been lovely, cool, clear, sunny, pleasant. Like a perfect autumn day. I gave a talk, I read some papers, I experienced the shock of immersion in a place where I speak zero of the local language; it made me miss my relative fluency in France. But of course everyone in the university setting speaks English, too, so it's a hollow complaint.
The church outside my window. Architectural features, a park, foot traffic, and in evenings there is often a live guitarist playing in the restaurant right downstairs. Relaxing and sophisticated. Contrast with the live music festival going on one block away, which was boisterous and loud.
Water reflected on the underside of a bridge. Great texture.
Placid ducks in the city center. I, too, hid in the shade here.
 The broad, bright sky expands over a charming square. Everything feels quaint and adorable to me, I think perhaps my brain is now permanently stuck in a "tourist" gear where every... single... thing... is unbearably whimsical. My fancy is perpetually tickled.
I'm pretty sure that vampires inhabit this building.

I ended up with no pictures of the river Saar, even though I ran along it several times for quite some distance. It was nice, too: water held, by gravity, to the bottom of a curving channel, occasionally buckled to the Earth by bridges. One side is the autobahn and the other is a park with pedestrian paths, shady trees, jungle gyms, beer gardens, and other sedate and pretty city-dressings. I liked it.

This post's theme word is calliopean, "piercingly loud." The Nauwieserviertelfest festivities spread their calliopean joy over several crowded blocks.


Christian Muise said...

Shot in the dark, buy you aren't headed to Heidelberg next week, are you?

Lila is a complex system. said...

Nope. A shot in the dark and a miss. Will you be in Germany? Stop by Paris, it's close!

Christian Muise said...

Aw, bummer. Headed to HLF:

No time for swinging sideways, but if you stay there long enough it's on my shortlist ;). I'll say hey to Steve for you if I see him around!