Saturday, May 11, 2013

Science museum

I spent a fantastic afternoon in the science museum. I have a new favorite dongle. It's the Jacquard loom! I must have watched the workings of the loom for 30 or 40 minutes. It's fascinating.
Top half of a Jacquard loom.
Bottom half of a Jacquard loom.
Another level of the museum featured large machinery.
Notice the rails on the floor? I hypothesize that these were used to move the machinery into the museum.
 The rails continue throughout, even passing through this atrium where Foucault's pendulum used to hang! (It's now in a display case, with a replacement pendulum hanging there. I also saw the place in the Panthéon where the pendulum hung, but that's under construction now.)
Just look at those gears!
Honestly, this museum was the most fun and interesting one I saw the entire trip.

This post's theme word is tyro, "one who is beginning to learn something." Although I have several degrees, I often feel that I am merely a tyro.

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