Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow frolic!

This morning's ongoing snowfall is thick, fluffy, and marvelous. I peer out from the castle fortifications (and home of the gym, my morning ritual obeisance paid) and glory in the blanketed landscape.
Look at this magnificent framing. Look at this arch. Look at this naked tree. Look at ALL THIS SNOW. It's pure joy, damping the sounds of the city and encouraging the non-arctic people to scurry inside. This leaves all the delightful snow outside, with me!


This post's theme word is scrobiculate, "having many small grooves; furrowed." The snow plow rendered the street scrobiculate but not substantially safer, as snow continued to fall in its wake.

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masha51 said...

Is there a way to sort in order to find unread retroblogs?