Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, same resolutions

I didn't do very well with last year's resolutions. The first was to be able to perform one pull-up, which aborted mid-year when I started having shoulder and neck cramps so bad they gave me splitting headaches. (So that goal is... on a back burner.) The second was to blog more consistently. You see how that turned out. If anything, I've sunk myself in a deeper hole, since I have another year's worth of drafted blog posts festering on my dashboard.

This year I'll do better at both: blogging and pull-ups. Plus I plan to end the year with an additional degree. That, and the usual maintenance of surviving a year, seems like plenty on my plate.

This post's theme word is nudiustertian, "of or relating to the day before yesterday." I'm a nudiustertian nudist, I believe in eschewing clothing only on the day before yesterday.

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