Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicken on a raft on a Monday morning

Chicken? on a raft? on a Monday morning? Oh! what a terrible sight to see!

Why, you wonder, would a chicken on a raft be a terrible sight? I think this video (via The Scuttlefish) explains everything quite sufficiently:

I think a chicken on a raft would be cute. Especially on this Monday morning: I'm back to work and just as busy as before the weekend. However, now I have "chicken on a raft" stuck in my head. It's catchy! Hey-ho, chicken on a raft!

(Side note: my favorite site for ripping youtube videos to low-quality mp3s is gone. Do you have a recommendation to replace it?)

This post's theme word is tarn, "a small mountain lake, having no significant tributaries." I set my chicken free on her own custom-built raft; she wanted to be the first chicken across the tarn! (I tried to think of a barn/tarn joke, but failed.)

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