Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy e day!

Happy e day!

Remember pi day, back on March 14 (3.14)? Well, allowing for some creative calendrical interpretation, today is e day, the 71st day of February (2.71). I suppose that if you were to round instead of truncating, e day would properly be tomorrow, the 72nd day of February.

"But it's April!" you protest.

That is true. However, it snowed last week. It still feels like February psychically. Why should we discriminate in favor of the small elite of constants with fewer than 32 hundredths?* You constant bigot.

"What should be done to celebrate?" you query.

I don't know of any e-themed foods, games, or ceremonies. So please, just take a moment today (or tomorrow, if you are a rounder) and think of how lovely e is. For some light introductory reading, here's the Wikipedia article and many ways to represent e.

*For that matter, why do we limit ourselves to celebrating constants <13, based on our 12-month calendar?

This post's featured comic comes from Three Panel Soul:

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